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Hotel in Tuscany - Maremma Toscana
Rifugio Prategiano

Discover the rough beauty of Alta Maremma Toscana, our nice holiday inn with its fantastic views and numerous possibilities for relaxing and active holidays:

Sunbathing on the terrace of the swimming pool: Enjoy the fantastic view in the garden in front of the hotel and agriturismo or the quietness at the pool. Temperatures are comfortable also during the summer months. Besides you can refresh yourself taking a bath in the pool.

Massage in the heated mini-pool: The hot water allows a bath outside also during the cool months and guaranties relax after an active day.

Picnic excursions: Nearly every day horseback riders, bikers and hikers meet for a picnic altogether. A full warm served meal and a social gathering await you at natural and culturally interesting places.

Walk to the medieval Montieri: The small village is situated 1 km far from the hotel. Thanks to its silver and copper in the middle ages, Montieri became famous. But most of the mines were closed already centuries ago. Now you can enjoy the quiet atmosphere of passed times.

Italian kitchen with tuscan and maremman specialties: In the evening you can choose in our restaurant between two menus – one of which vegetarian. The “fruits” of the woods like wild boar, mushrooms and chestnuts characterize the specialties of local meals.

Culture excursions: Siena (50 km) and Massa Marittima (22 km) can easily be reached by public bus. Additional excursions are easier with the private car: Volterra (60 km), San Gimigniano (55 km), Follonica (45 km), Florence (90 km), Castiglione della Pescaia (55 km)

Excursions in the “Parco Tecnologico Archeologico delle Colline Metallifere”: This technological theme park includes the communities Montieri, Roccastrada, Follonica, Scarlino, Gavorrano and Massa Marittima and offers different insights into the past of the mining of the region.

A day at the beach: The sand beaches of Follonica are only 45 km far from the hotel. In the south of the bay you find the natural park “Parco Nazionale di Scarlino” with its dense vegetation, rocks and one of the most beautiful beaches of Tuscany: “Cala Violina”

Hiking & Walking: Our hotel in Tuscany lies in the middle of an extended, well indicated network of trails for walking. You will discover a nearly untouched region of Maremma Toscana far away from streets and cities. The ascent to the “Poggio di Montieri” starts directly at the hotel. Also on short walks you will arrive to wonderful view points.

Guided excursions & trekkings: In summer you can participate in guided excursions e.g. to explore the ruins of the church S. Nicolò or the caves of Gerfalco. With the help of an experienced guide you will discover lots of interesting and beautiful things, which your eyes might have run over.

Horse riding lessons for inexperienced riders: Your target is to bring you about security in the saddle and fun with horse riding. You will quickly trust our horses and will dare your first trail ride. Horse riding in this unique nature is certainly a fantastic experience.

Trail rides for experienced riders: Our half day, full day and weeklong horseback trail rides lead to the most beautiful places of this region. On the back of a horse nature will become an especially intensive experience.

Mountain Bike GPS Tours: You will quickly notice, that Tuscany offers not only soft hills, but also pretentious and exacting tours. Mountain bikers, who like to bike far away from the well known and crowded MTB trails, will love the possibilities this region offers.

Cycle tours: The winding, small roads, where you find little traffic are ideal for cycling in Tuscany. Several exacting tours strengthen your muscles.

Tours in Quad: The guided quad tours with the off-road vehicles are an exciting way to explore this untouched region.

Time for chestnuts and mushrooms: The surrounding chestnut- and oak tree woods are rich of mushrooms. In autumn experienced mushroom passionates fill their baskets quickly. You will find lots of chestnuts step by step.

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